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First computers
First Human Capital Consultants
First India Solutions
First Info Solution
First Info Solutions
First Info Solutions
First Internet Systems Pvt Ltd
First Light Services
First Media India Private Limited
First Media India Pvt Ltd
First Security Integrated Technologies Private Limited
First Security Integrated Technologies Pvt Ltd
First Soft Solutions
First Soft Solutions PTS pvt ltd
First source IT Services Private Limited
First Source IT Services Private Limited
First Source IT Services Pvt Ltd
First Source IT Services Pvt.Ltd
First Step India Pvt. Ltd.
First Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
First Tek Private Limited
Firstline Impex & Services
Firstmile Solutions Private Limited
Firstmile Solutions/Firstmile Solutions Private Limited
Firstmile Solutions”.
Firstsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
Five S Technologies
Five S Technologies Bangalore
fivebrosis Technologies
fivebrosis Technologies
FiveE Technologies
Fiverivers IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Five-S Technologies
Five-S Technologies (As per EVF and As per supporting Doc)
Fixedia Group Ltd
Fixity Technologies Pvt Ltd
Fixupp Software Services
Fixy All IT Services Private Limited
Fizer Services
FK Solutions Private Limited
Flair Infotech
Flair Infotech
Flamboyant Tech
Flame Software Solutions
Flarmp /Flarmp management services private Limited
Flarmp Technologies
Flarmp Technologies Private Limited
Flarmp Technologies Pvt Ltd
Flash Info Tech Pvt Ltd
Flash Infotech
Flash Infotech (renamed as Mycrone Data Systems)
Flash Infotech Private Limited
Flash Infotech Private Limited -(renamed as Mycrone Data Systems)
Flash Infotech Pvt Ltd
Flash Infotech Pvt Ltd