Fake and suspected companies starting with letter C List 13

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Corporate Software Solutions Private Limited
Corporate Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Corporate Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Corporate Solutions
Corporate Solutions Inc
Corporate Solutions Inc. (As per EAF & Supporting Document)
Corporate Technologies
Corporate Work Solutions
Corpus Information Technologies (P) Ltd
Corpus Information Technologies Private Limited
Corpus Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Corpus Infosolution Private Limited
Corpus IT PVt Ltd
Corrent Edge BPO Private Limited
Cortex Info Tech
Cortex Solutions
Cortex Solutions
Cortlandt Services
Corus Software Services
Corus Software Services Pvt Ltd
Corus Software Services Pvt. Ltd
Corus Software Solutions
Corvin Technologies
Corvin Technologies
Corvin Technologies Private Limited
Corvin Technologies Pvt Ltd
Corvin Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Corvys Infotech
Corvys Infotech
Corvys Infotech Private Limited
Corylus IT Solution
Corylus IT Solutions
Cosima Consulting India Pvt Ltd
Cosmic Info Systems
Cosmic Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Cosmix Solutions India Pvt Ltd
Cosmo Computers
Cosmom Technologies Private Limited / Network Technologies
Cosmonet Solutions PVT. Ltd
Cosmonet Solutions PVT. Ltd
Cosmoquest Infocreation
Cosmoquest Infocreations
Cosmosys Invent labs Pvt Ltd
Cosmosys Software Solutions

Cosset Technologies Private Limited
Cost and management services
Cotopaxi Limited / Cotopaxi Energy Private Limited
Cotton Deal Private Limited
Country wide consulting
Courseeplus private limited
Cova Infotech
COVA INFOTECH ( reinitiate)
Coven InfoTech
Coven Infotech
Covenant IT Services
Covenant IT Services (P) Ltd
Covenant IT Services P Ltd.
Covenant IT Services Private Limited
Covenant IT Services Pvt. Ltd
Covey Solutions
Covin Infotech
Cozent Software Solutions Private Limited
Cozy Medical Centre
CP Softech Private Limited
CP Softtech
CQLsys Technologies Pvt Ltd
CQT Solutions - Division of Spring Infotech
CQT Technologies
CR Bridge Placement Solutions
CRAC Infotech
Cradle IT Solutions Private Limited