Top 10 Things you learn before starting with empowr network earnings

It looks easy to earn with empowr webiste, things you need to know before starting is you need to be ready for money deductions and deposits from your paypal account. Here is the Top 10 Things you learn before starting with empowr newtorking.
1. you're in control of empowr ?
empowr is managed by its president, who’s elected by its users — called “citizens”. You could be empowr's next president!

2. empowr's profits go to you ?
mission: To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.
Learn all the ways that empowr helps you earn, below.
Simply keep your earnings set to "ON" to experience all that empowr has to offer!

3. Earn by doing what you're already doing online ↻
Say something. Every time someone reads it, you earn!
Post a photo. Each time it’s viewed, you earn!
Share a YouTube video. When it’s watched, you earn!

4. even more opportunities to earn
Got something to sell? Set the price (or put it up for auction) and keep 90%.
Got a service to offer? empowr brings you customers and automatically bills them each month — depositing your 90% share into your balance.
Love helping others? Teachers are amongst the top earners within the empowr democracy.
-You can sell with empowr-

5. free education
All empowr citizens are entitled to free personal guidance from community experts called "success coaches".
Choose from success coaches that speak your preferred language.
Got a question? Just ask! Success coaches want you to succeed. Oh, did we mention that this service is totally free?

6. upward mobility
In empowr, the fastest way to get ahead is with monthly power user subscriptions, priced from as low as $6. Power users get much more attention — which means significantly more views and earnings.
And guess what?

Your first month subscription, at the lowest power level, starts today for free and you'll pay for future months using your credit card or PayPal. Or choose to use your empowr profits to pay for subscriptions, which means if you get in the habit of posting daily it is possible to use only your profits to work your way up to the highest power level without spending a penny of your own money.
To help you keep moving up and up, we'll upgrade your power level when your empowr profits allow, immediately increasing your daily earnings potential. Be sure to visit your power user settings to understand the options available to you.

7. you can spend & cash out
Shop to your heart’s content, choosing from thousands of products and services from all over the world.
Along with spending some profits in the empowr marketplace, there are also opportunities to cash out some profits.
The moment you start earning, an innovative maturation process begins, opening up different doors and possibilities for how you can spend and cash out.
Earnings from any month become eligible for cash out 90 days after the month. You’ll need to subtract out anything owed to the platform, which will include advertising expenditures generated at any time, including those generated on your behalf via managed ad campaigns (see "success made simple" section below).That means your cash out capability takes longer than 90 days because your earnings (that have matured for more than 90-days) must exceed all your ad costs including those most recently incurred, and your most matured earnings always get spent first.
You can, however, cash out some of your profits faster — in as quickly as 30 days or less — with accelerated matured cash outs. More on that in a moment.

8.Why maturity?
The maturity process was designed to keep earnings in the community. In fact, that's why your most matured funds are always utilized first. When more citizen earnings are kept in the community, those earnings remain available for purchasing your products, services and premium content, leading to more earning opportunities for you and a more robust economy for all empowr citizens. A robust economy is a prerequisite to accomplishing our mission of empowering people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.

9.To be extra clear: The normal 90-day maturation process is responsible for little of the cash outs that happen on a monthly basis, due to the "most matured funds first" spending order mentioned above. Instead, virtually all cash outs are achieved more quickly than 90 days, through a different process, called AMCOs (accelerated matured cash outs) where empowr, at its sole discretion, accelerates the maturity of some funds in order to reward behaviors that drive the results (such as successfully selling or sharing products and services, coaching and teaching, moderating and auditing, and transporting) needed for the empowr economy to grow.
This means that the cash outs provided to citizens are actually achieved by those citizens in less than 90 days and often in as little as 30 days or less from when they took the actions they're being rewarded for.
If this approach doesn't seem optimal or doesn't work with your personal needs for cash outs, we respect that and strongly suggest that you not join this experiment at this time.
empowr is working to achieve its long-term goal for 97% of revenues that come into the empowr economy, from any source, to go out to its citizens. The other 3% will be utilized towards the costs of running the company. To be clear, this is a long-term goal that the empowr community has not yet achieved. Everyone is working diligently to grow the empowr economy in order to accomplish it.

10. you get $1,000 to get started ?
Use the $1,000 in ad credits to jumpstart your earnings without paying out of pocket! Each month, you'll pay an ad platform fee of only 2.9% (approx.) on any ad credits used.
But wait, it gets even better:
You can get 50% of that tiny fee back when you pay it on time. By doing so, you'll also earn double revenues from your photos, videos, status updates, and blog posts!
Or, don't even pay the ad platform fee!

You can still use your ad credits without spending a penny of your own money to build your earnings, expand your network, and have fun. All we ask is that you settle your account's utilized ad credits and fees before spending or cashing out your profits.

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