Updated fake universities list around world

These are the fake universities list which is updated by corporate recruitment sectors. In India
Columbia State University – Louisiana (not to be confused with Columbia
Columbus University – Louisiana, Mississippi (not to be confused with Columbus
Columbus University, Picayune, Mississippi
"Columbus University/
Anfell College of London/
Accreditation body World Associated of Universities and colleges
Commercial University (INT)(FAKE)
Commercial University Ltd.,
Commercial University Ltd., Darya Ganj, Delhi.
Commercial University Ltd., Daryaganj, Delhi
Commercial  University  Ltd
Commission on Medical Denturitry Accreditation
Commonwealth Open University
Commonwealth Open University – Virgin Islands
Commonwealth School of Law – Washington
Commonwealth University – California
Communion of Saints Seminary – Oregon
Computer Point Academy, New Delhi
Concordia College and University
Concordia College and University – Spain, St. Johns, Virgin Islands, Dominican
Concordia Ivy College – Hawaii, Taiwan
Confideration of Indian Industry,
confused with Trinity International University in Illinois)
Continental University – Liberia, Phillipines
Continuing Career Institute – Texas
Cook’s Institute of Electronics Engineering – Jackson, Mississippi
Cornerstone University – Louisiana (not to be confused with Cornerstone
Corporate Institute of Management & Science
Cosmic Business School
Cosmic Business School Campus
Cosmopolitan University – Missouri
Council for Distance Education Accreditation
Council for International Education Accreditation
Council Of Higher Secondary Education Delhi
Council of Higher Secondary Education, Delhi
Council of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education
Council of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (INT)(FAKE)
Council of Secondary Education Shimla (H.P.)
Council of secondary education,Mohali
Council on Medical Denturitry Accreditation
Cradle of Management Institute
Cranston University – Nevada, Singapore
"Creative Groups of Institutions:

1) Ravindra Vishwa Vidyapeeth, New Delhi

2) Global Institute of Management and Technology New Delhi

3 )Bhartiya Institute of Chikitsak Council (Alt.) New Delhi

4) Nehru Shiksha Parishad New Delhi

5) Trinity Institute of Professional Studies New Delhi

6 )M.G. Council of Higher Education / Mahatma Gandhi Council of Higher Education"
Cromwell College of IT and Management – Great Britain
Cromwell University
Crossworld Institute of Professional Studies – Kenya
Crown Church College and University
Crown College of the Bible – Tennessee
"CSM Institute of Graduate Studies / TASMAC Institute of Management and Education
C-Tech / Council for Technology and Science, Thiruvananthapuram:
Culture University –Hawaii
Cyprus, Romania
D D B Sanskrit University
D D B Sanskrit University (INT)(FAKE)
D J Academy Of Design, Coimbatore
D.D.B. Sanskrit University (Removed from UGC List on 20-Oct-16)
D.D.B. Sanskrit University,
D.D.B. Sanskrit University,Putur,
Dallas State College – Dallas, Texas
Damodhar Technical Institute,Ranital
Darthmouth College (not to be confused with Dartmouth College in NH)
Dartmouth University (not to be confused with Dartmouth College in NH)
Darton University
December 1996 are accepted)
Deen Dayal Upadhayaya Institute of Mgmt & Higher Studies
Degree.com – Texas, Florida, Mexico
Del Sur Christian College – Texas
Delaware Law School
Delhi Academic Council for Higher Education
Delhi Academic Council for Higher Education (LVS Secondary and Senior Secondary School)
Delhi academic council of higher education
"Delhi Board of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education
Delhi Business School,
Delhi Film Institute,
Delhi Institute of Engineering Studies
"Delhi Institute of Engineering Studies
Delhi Institute of Management Studies"
Delhi Institute of Management Studies
Delhi Institute Of Management Studies, New Delhi
Delhi Vidyapeeth
Delhi Vishwa VidyaPeeth (INT)(FAKE)(HSCS)
Delhi Vishwa Vidyapeeth,
Delta International University of New Orleans
Denmark College of Management and IT – Denmark
Denver State University
Department of Education)
Devonshire University
Dhanvantari Institute of Engineering & Technology
Diamond Head University
Diamond Jubilee School
Dina Inst. Of Hotel & Business Management
Diplomatic State University
Diplomatic University
Distance Education Council (connected to the operator of St Regis University; not to
Distance Graduation Accrediting Association
Distance Learning Accreditation Board
Distance Learning Council of Europe
DiUlus Institute and University – New Mexico, Italy
Dnyanasadhana Asian Institute Of Core Competence Dnyanasadhana College,
Dnyanda dnyanpeeth
Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth university
Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth, Pune
Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth,Pune.
Donsbach University – California
Donsbach University (or Donsback University)
Doon International University, Raipur
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University (Agra University)
Dr. Jessy Geroge Memorial Institute of Mgt.
Dr. MPS Group of Institutes,
Dr. S. G. Reddy University
Dr.C.V.Rainan University. Raipur
Drake College (not to be confused with Drake University in Iowa or Drake College
Dream Institute, The
Dublin Metropolitan University
Dublin Metropolitan University – Ireland
Dynamic Technical Institute.
Earlscroft University
Earlscroft University – Great Britain, Seychelles
Earthnet Institute – Hawaii
East Point University
Eastern Caribbean University
Eastern Caribbean University – Texas, St. Kitts
Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning In Management (EIILM University)
Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management,
Eastern Institute of Management,
Eastern Missouri Business College – St. Louis, Missouri
Eastern Orthodox University
Eastern Orthodox University Ambur (North Arcot).
Eastern State University
Eastern University – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Ecole Superieure Internationale de Bruxelles – Belgium
Eden University – Hawaii?
Edenvale University – Texas, New York, Great Britain
Edison State College in New Jersey)
Edison University –Hawaii (not to be confused with Thomas Edison University in
EDIT Institute of Co
Education Institute of Management & Engineering Studies, New Delhi
"Education Institute of Management and Engineering Studies /
Educomp Raffles Higher Education Ltd.
Edulight Learning The Shikshan Prasarak Mandal,
Eduway Academy Pvt Ltd 19,
"EIILM University, Sikkim
Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, Sikkim
Elphinstone College
Elysion College – California
Emerson University – California (not to be confused with Emerson College in
Emperial Institute of Management Science & Research, New Delhi
Emperial Institute of Management Science and Research
Empire Institute of Learning
Esoteric Theological Seminary – Texas
ESQUIRE Academy of Management,
Euclid University – Belgium, Chad, Central African Republic, Pakistan
Eula Wesley University – Ruston, Louisiana
European Carolus Magnus University – Belgium
European College of Medicine – United Kingdom
European Committee for Home and Online Education
European Council for Distance and Open Learning
European Graduate School – New York, Switzerland
European Open University
European University of Ireland – Ireland
Eurotechnical Research University – Hilo, Hawaii
Evergreen University – Reston, Virginia
Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners
Excel Institute Vashi ,
Excelsior University (not to be confused with Excelsior College in Albany, NY)
Expressive Psychology Association
F.D.L’s Institute of Information Tech & Mgmt Research,
Faculty of Industrial Technology, Thane-Mumbai
Fairfax University
Fairfax University – Louisiana, Montana, South Dakota, United Kingdom
Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology
Fairmont International University (formerly Preston University)
Fazlani Altius Business School (FABS)
Felix Adler Memorial University – North Carolina
Felton University
Firelake University – Finland
Florida Atlantic Southeastern University – (not to be confused with Florida Atlantic
Florida State Christian College – Florida
Focus School of Business & Finance
Forest Park University – Chicago, Illinois
Fort Young University – Liberia
FOSTIIMA Business School,
Foundation for Economic Education – Irvington-on-Hudson, New York
Foundation University – Netherlands
Four States Cooperative University – Texas
Frederick Taylor International University
Frederick Taylor International University – Hawaii, California
Frederick Taylor University
Frederick Taylor University – Moraga, California
Friends International Christian University
Friends International Christian University – Hawaii, California
Full Gospel Christian College – Pontiac, Michigan
G. H. Raisoni International University
G.D. Geonka World Institute
Gandhi Hindi Vidyapeeth
Gandhi Hindi Vidyapeeth Prayag
Gandhi hindi vidyapith (INT)(FAKE)
Gandhi Hindi Vidyapith,
Gandhi Technical Training Institute, Gopalganj, Bihar
Gandhigram Rural Institute,
Gandikota Institute of Technology and Management,
Garfield Technical College
Garuda School of Business
GCS Computer Tech. Private Limited -
Gems Business School Opp /Chermas
Generale University
Geo-Metaphysical Institute – New York
George Washington State College
George Washington University – California (GWU in Washington, D.C. is
Georgetown, Texas)
Georgia Christian University
Georgia Christian University – Georgia
Georgia South Technical Institute
German-American Dental College – Chicago, Illinois
Gestalt Institute of New Orleans – New Orleans, Louisiana
GIIT Computers (Goparaju’s Institute of Information Technology)
Glencullen University
Glencullen University – United Kingdom
Glendale University – United Kingdom
Glenford University – Louisiana
Glenndale University – United Kingdom
Global Accreditation Commission
Global Church Theological Seminary
Global Church Theological Seminary and Global Church University
Global Church University
Global Institute of Business and Management, Mumbai
Global Institute Of Business Technology, Pune
Global Institute Of Engineering & Technology(India)
Global Institute of Engineering and Technology, Delhi India
Global Institute of fashion Tech.
Global Institute of Management and Research / GIMRI
Global Institute of Management and Research delhi
Global Institute of Professional Studies
Global Institute Of Regulatory Affairs,Pune
Global School of Management, Pune
Global Tech Institute of Management, New Delhi
Global University School of Nursing (Jamaica)
Global Virtual University (not to be confused with Global University in Springfield,
Globe University of Science
Golconda National Universe
Golconda National Universe (INT)(FAKE)
Golconda University
Gold Coast University – Hawaii
Golden Pacific University – Hawaii, California
Golden State University – Hawaii (not to be confused with Golden State College in
Golkonda Institute of Business Management
Golkonda Institute of Business Management (Golkonda University, Super Educational Trust,National Institute of Secondary Education, Hyderabad Educational and Research Institute)
Golkonda National Institute
Golkonda University
Golkonda University (INT) (FAKE)
Golkonda Vidyaparishad(GVP)
Golkonda Vidyaparishad(GVP) (INT) (FAKE)
Good Shepherd Institute of Hospitality Mgmt.
Gordon University
Graduate College
Graduate University
Grandview International University – Missouri
Grayson, Kentucky is accredited)
Great Lakes Institute of Management
Great Lakes University – Michigan (not to be confused with Great Lakes Christian
GreenLake University
Greenleaf University – Missouri
Greenwich University
Greenwich University – California, Hawaii, Norfolk Island
Gujarat Institute of Hotel Management,
Gulf Southern University – Louisiana
Gurukul Vishwavidyalaya (INT)(FAKE)
Gurukul Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur
H.L Mizo High School (As Per EAF), H.L Mizo Secondary School (As Per Supporting Document)
H.L. Mizo Secondary School
Halifax University – Wyoming
Halo Technlogies & Training Private Limited.
Halo Technologies & Training Private Limited
Hamilton College in Clinton, NY)
Hamilton State University – Arizona
Hamilton University
Hamilton University – Wyoming, Hawaii, Bahamas (not to be confused with
Hamline State University (not to be confused with Hamline University in Minnesota)
Hampton Bay University – Liberia
Hampton College – Nevada (not to be confused with Hampton University in
Hancock University – Tennessee
Harmony College of Applied Science – Los Altos, California
Harrington University – United Kingdom
Harris University, USA
Hartford Technical Institute
Hartford University – Vanatu (Claims of Minnesota location are false)
Hartland University – Liberia
Hartley University – United Kingdom
HAS International University, Raipur
Hawaii American University – Hawaii
Hawthorne University – Utah
Heed University – Florida, Wisconsin, Caribbean
Hi Tech Institute of Engineering
Higher Education Accreditation Commission
Higher Education Services Association
Higher Secondary Education Board
Himalayan Institute of Management and Technology, New Delhi
Himalayan Integrated Institute of Management and Technology
Hindi Sahitya Sammelan,
Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad
Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Prayag
Hindi Sahitya Sammelan,Prayag
Hindustan Institute of Aeronautics
Hindusthan College of Management & Research, Pune
Hindusthan College of Management and Research, Pune
His Majesty’s University of Polytechnics – Sacramento, California
Hollywood College – California
Hollywood Southern University
Holos University – Missouri, South Dakota, and Norfolk Island
Honolulu University
Honolulu University – Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu University of the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities – Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu USA – Thailand, Pakistan
Horizons University
Hospitality Training Institute
Houdegbe North American University
Human Training and Examination Council / Indian Cyber College
Humberman University College
"Hyderabad Educational and Research Centre
Golkonda National Universe /
Golkanda National Institute /
Golkanda Institute of Business Management /
Golkanda Institute of Engineering and Technology /
Golkanda Institute of Health Sciences /
(All Institution Under Super Educational Trust)
AIITC International
 All India Institute of Trade & Commerce (AIITC)
All India Institute of Business Management (AIIBM International)/ All India Institute of Science and Research (AIISR International) / All India Institute of Technology (AIIT International )"
Hyderabad Educational & Research Centre (HYDERC)(AIIBM)
Hyderbad School of Business
Hyles Anderson College – Crown Point, Indiana
I ME University of Technology, Raipur
ICAII Institute of Mgt. & Tech.,
ICEI SCO 198-200,
ICFAI university
ICIT College Of Management & Information Technology
Icon Institute
Idaho College of Commerce
IIBPS Institute of Business and Professional Studies
IICSE University
Iilm Business School, Hyderabad
IILM for Higher Education
IIPM, Kolkata,
Illawarra College – New Hampshire, Virginia, Australia
Illinois College of Physicians and Surgeons
ILM Business School, Hyderbad (IILM)
IMACS Institute of Management & Creative Studies
"Imperial Institute Of Management and Engineering
Imperial Institute Of Management
IIME / Govt Reg No. AAA/7858GIBE/LLP
Imperial International Institute of Management and Technology
in Brooklyn, NY)
in California)
in Illinois)
in Rocklin, California)
Independence University – Missouri
India Society of Engineers
Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
"Indian Board of School Education
Indian Business Academy,
Indian Business Management School, Ahmedabad
Indian Council For The Open School Certificate Examination
Indian Education Council of U.P
Indian Education Council of U.P (INT)(FAKE)(HSCS)
Indian Education Council of U.P.,
Indian Education Council of U.P., Lucknow
Indian Institute Commerce Trade, Lucknow
Indian Institute Of Advanced Management Training And Research - Ponda, Goa
Indian Institute of Advanced Management Training and Research, Goa
Indian Institute of Aeronautical and Marine Engineering
Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine (INT)(FAKE)
Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine,
Indian institute of business & technology, Aurangabad
Indian Institute of Business Management
Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade
Indian Institute Of Education And Business Management, Pune
"Indian Institute of Higher Education
Bharatiya Maha Vidya Peeth
(Unit of SLV group)
Indian Institute of Higher Education, Andhra pradesh
Indian Institute of Higher Education, Haryana
Indian Institute Of Information Technology And Management, Trivandrum
Indian Institute of Management & Engineering Studies (GDCA)
Indian Institute of Management and Engineering
"Indian Institute Of Management and Engineering /Associated Institute-
Khadria Educational Trust
Indian Institute of Management and Engineering [IIME] - Degree
"Indian Institute Of Management and Engineering Studies /
Ahmed Raza Educational Society"
Indian Institute Of Management And Engineering Studies, Hyderabad
Indian Institute Of Management And Engineering, Bangalore
Indian Institute of Management and Engineering, Kurnool
Indian Institute of Management Training (IIMT)
Indian Institute Of Management Training, Pune
Indian Institute of Material Management,
Indian Institute Of Medical Representative Pharma Business School
Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing
Indian Institute of Planning & Management,
"Indian Institute of Planning and Management / IIPM
Indian School of Business and Economy, Pune / ISBE IIPM 2.0
Planman Consulting
IMI / International Management Institute, Brussels, Belgium
Indian Institute of Planning and Management C-36/50
Indian Institute of Planning and Management,
Indian Institute of Professional Studies,
Indian Institute of Science and Engineering (INT)(FAKE)
Indian Institute of Science and Engineering,.
Indian Institute of Science and Technology (IIST)
Indian Institute of Secondary Education, Hyderabad
Indian Institution of Science and Engineering
Indian International University, Raipur
Indian Management school & reseach centre
Indian School of Business & Finance ,
Indian School of Business and Finance,
Indian School of Business Management & Administration / ISBM
Indian School of Business Management and Administration (ISBM)
Indian School of Business Management and Administration, Mumbai
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
"Indian School of Management & Engineering, Bangalore /
Danish Academy /
Founded by S K B Educational Trust
Indian School of Management and Engineering
Indian University. Raipur
"Indian Virtual University For Peace And Education, Bangalore
Virtual University
Indian Virtual University for Peace and Foundation
Unit of ICPEM – Reg No. 085/08-09
Indigo School of Business
Indigrwo Institute of Professional Studies (IIPS)
Indira School Of Career Studies
Indira School Of Management Studies (MBA)
Indo German Training Centre
Indo German Traning Center, Mumbai
Indo-American Council for Examinations
Indo-American Tourism Ltd
"Indra Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management /
Indraparastha (PG) Institute of Management & Tech,
Indraprashta Technological University, Raipur (C.G.)
Indraprastha International Polytechnic
Indraprastha International Polytechnic, New Delhi
Indraprastha Shiksha Parishad (INT)(FAKE)
Indraprastha Shiksha Parishad, Institutional Area
Indus School of Art and Computers
Indus World School of Business,
Industrial Technical Institute Chhindwara
Info Tech Academy, Kanpur
Information Technology and Management Punjab
Information University of America – Hawaii
Institute for Creative Process
Institute for Human Dynamics
Institute for Interelated Learning in Management,
Institute for International Management & Technology
Institute for Science in Mind
Institute for Technology and Management Institute of Financial Markets,
Institute for the Management of Information Systems – Great Britain
Institute For Working Professionals
Institute of Advanced Management
Institute of Advanced Management,
Institute of Alternative Medicine an Research
Institute of Alternative Medicine and Research
Institute of Apparel Management,
Institute of Behavioral and Management Science, Chittoor
Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, Bangalore
Institute of Business Administration and Management, Delhi
Institute of Business Management & Research
Institute Of Business Management & Research, Bangalore (IBMR Hosur Road)
Institute of Business Management and Engineering, Delhi (IBME)
Institute of Business Management and ResearchHubli / C S M Institute of Graduate StudiesPune
Institute of Business Management Studies
Institute of Business Management Studies, Mumbai
Institute of Business Studies & Research (IBSAR)
Institute of Career Education- College
Institute of Embedded Technologies
"Institute of Engineering & Management Studies
Matrix Education of Technology & Management Institute
National Institute of Management & Science (NIMS)
ABC Collage of IT & Management
Institute of Engineering and Management, Mumbai
Institute of Excellence – Florida
Institute of Executive and Professional Development – Liberia
Institute of Fashion Design,
Institute of Finance and International Management
Institute of Finance Banking and Insurance, Bangalore
Institute of Global Education – Oregon
Institute of Hotel Management & Culinary Arts,
Institute of innovation management approach, Meerut.
Institute of Integrated Marketing Communication & Management
Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management (India),
Institute of Management
Institute of Management & Creative Studies (IMACS
Institute of Management & Development,
Institute of Management & Technology
Institute of Management &Technology
Institute of Management and Development
Institute of Management and Development New Delhi
Institute Of Management Development And Research,Pune
Institute Of Management Education, Pune
Institute of Management Studies and Training, Bangalore
Institute Of Managerial Excellence
Institute of New Media and Technology
Institute of Personality Development & Management
Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Pvt Ltd. Pune
Institute of Public Health and Hygiene
Institute of Software Engineering, Mumbai
"Institute of Technology and Management Studies / Softkey Education & Infotech Ltd
/ Softkey Education Society/
Softkey India / Help Education Foundation
Institute Of Technology Management Studies
Instituto Biblico Ebenezer – Michigan
Intech Inst of Business Management
InTech University – Liberia
Integra Accreditation Association
Integrated Institute of Professional & Technical Studies, Delhi
Intellectual Institute of Management & Technology , New Delhi
Intellectual Institute of Management and Technology
InterAmerican University – California, New York (not to be confused with the
InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico)
Inter-Collegiate Joint Committee on Academic Standards
Intercontinental University
Interfaith Education Ministries
Intermediate Council of Secondary Education - New Delhi
Intermountain Institute of Natural Health – Idaho
International Academic Accrediting Commission
International Academy for Planetary Planning
International Academy of Education University – New York, Japan
International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities
International Accreditation and Recognition Council