How to Upload Files Using FTP in Alibaba/Aliyun Cloud

There are few steps to upload files using FTP in cloud:
1.We can now manage our web files using an FTP client. We will be using Filezilla as our FTP client.

2.Open Filezilla and enter the Hostname, Username, and Password obtained from the Web Hosting management console to enable a Quickconnect.

3.You will be prompted for a confirmation of an Unknown certificate. Click OK to proceed. Upon confirmation, you will be connected to Filezilla and see all remotely hosted sites.

4.Upload your codebase in the htdocs folder. You can upload static HTML files and dynamic files such as PHP, Wordpress, or Drupal. Here we are uploading an index.php file, which contains phpinfo of our particular website.

5.On the Web Hosting management page, go to Instance Details. Here, we can obtain a test domain name provided by Alibaba Cloud. Note that, this domain name is strictly for testing purposes.

6.When you hit the test domain name, you will be prompted to verify the login and to accept the terms and conditions. Accept all prompts and proceed.

7.You will be taken you to the host website home page upon confirmation. By default, it will search for index.php, default.html, and index.html.