Amazon AMI Now Includes Apache MXNet 0.11 and TensorFlow 1.3.0

The AWS Deep Learning Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is designed to help you build stable, secure, and scalable deep learning applications on AWS.

The AMI comes pre-installed with popular deep learning frameworks. It has GPU drivers and libraries that let you train sophisticated AI models and scale them in the cloud. 

The latest release of the AWS Deep Learning AMI is available for Ubuntu and Amazon Linux platforms.

The AMI includes several updates, the most notable of which is MXNet 0.11 with Keras Support.

MXNet is now available as a backend choice for users running Keras 1.2. MXNet gives you a simple way to set up multiple GPUs for training and superior performance that scales near-linearly.

To read more about the benefits of using MXNet as a backend for Keras, refer to NVIDIA’s blog.

The AMI also now runs with latest version of TensorFlow, which is version 1.3.0.