Suspected and fake universities list-1 in India

There are around 4000 list of fake and suspected list in India. some of them which are available with all proofs and documents are listed below.

Chhattisgarh International University of Biotechnology and Life Sciences
Eastern Institute of Integrated Learning of Management University
Imperial Institute of Management Science & Research, Delhi (IIMSR)
Imperial International Institute Of Management and Technology, New Delhi (IIIMT)
"Maithili University/Vishwavidyalaya
Ucchatar Madhyamik Siksha Mandal
– Vermont)
 Institute of Business Management and Engineering, New Delhi
2002 are accepted)
205, Washington DC 20001
A KI College Of Allied Health Baitul Aman,
A.E.F.T.'S Dadar College Of Management(Anthayya Education Foundation Trust) Dr. Antonio D'silva New Building,
Aacharya Aryabhallha University. Raipur
Abacus Academy
Abba Institute – Texas
Abhinav Abhiyantriki Sanganak and Vidyut Anni Veejkeeya Kendra’s college of computer and Electronics Engineering
Abhinav College of Engineering & Polytechnic
Abhinav Institute Of Technology & Management
Academie Europeene d’Informationsation – Belgium
Academy for Contemporary Research
Academy for international management & engineering studies.
Academy for pharmaceutical management
Academy of Business Management, Tourism & Research
Academy of Culinary Education,
Academy of Healing Arts
Academy of Health Sciences and Nutrition
Academy of Natural Therapies – Hawaii, California, Wyoming, Montana
Academy of Religious and Spiritual Studies
Academy of Technology and Management
Accelerated Degree Programs
Accreditation Governing Commission of the United States of America
Accrediting Commission International (Beebe, Arkansas
Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and Theological
Accrediting Council for Colleges and Schools
ACTH Management
Adam Smith Inst. Of Management
Adam Smith Institute Of Management Kshitij,
Adam Smith University
Adam Smith University – Hawaii, Liberia, Saipan
Adam Smith University of America
Adams and Washington University – England, South Carolina
Adams Institute of Technology
Adarsh Management Institute of India, Mumbai
Adarsha Shikshan Mandalis Institute of Management Education, Pune
Addison State University
Addison State University – Ottawa Canada
Adjunct College – Texas
ADR–Centric Juridical University
ADR-Centric Juridical University (INT)(FAKE)
ADR-Centric Juridical University, New Delhi
Advanced Education Trust
Advanced Institute of Engineering and Management
Advanced Institute of Engineering and Management,Mumbai
Advanced Learning Network – Vermont
Advisor the Educational Academy
Aegis School of Business & Telecommunication
AEGIS School of Telecommunication
Agra Institute of Engineering & Tech.
Agrawal Institute Of Management
Ahmed Abdullah Garib Polytechnic
Air Hostess Academy, New Delhi
Akamai University
Akamai University – Hawaii
Akhil Bharatiya Shiksha Sansthan, New Delhi
Akhil Bharthiya Vidyapeeth, Uttar Pradesh
Akhil Bhartiya Mukt Vidyapeeth, Uttar Pradesh
Al Qasim University
Al Qasim University – Pakistan
Alabama Christian College – Montgomery, Alabama
Albedo School Of Technical Education, Ernakulam (For Degree programmes)
Alberdeen University – New Mexico
Albert University – Delaware
Alexandria University – Nevada - US online, not Egyptian
Algol School of Management & Technology Gurgaon Campus :
All India Board of Secondary Education (INT)(FAKE)(HSCS))
All India Board of Secondary Education, Gazipur
All India Board of Senior Education
All India Board of Senior Education (INT) (FAKE)
All India Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad
All India Institute of Trade and commerce
All India Management Institute, Okhla Road, New Delhi
All Institute of Engineering and Management
All Institute of Engineering and Management, Mumbai
All Saints American University
All Saints American University – Liberia
All-India Commercial Association
Almeda College (University) – Florida, Idaho
Almeda College and University – Florida, Idaho
Almeda University
Alpha Institute of Management and Technology Science-Bangalore / AIMTS
Alston University – Stockton, California
Alternative Institution Accrediting Association
Ambai University – Massachusetts
Ambedkar Vidyapeeth
Ambitious Center of Distance Education (Maharishi Valmiki University)
Ambitious College, Mumbai
American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions (Rocky Mount, NC)

This is the list of 100-200 to get list of 200-300 [CHECK HERE]