Service Marketing concept service Promotion, strategies, Implementation

Promotion companies all the tools in the market mix who is major role is persuasive communication.
                                                                             ___Philip. Kotler
Promotion includes advantage personal selling, sales promotion & other tools. It includes every activity which inspires people to buy the goods & services of the company
Meaning for service promotion:
          The world promoting is direct from Latin word “promoter”. It means an attempt to shift the attention of people from one end of disinterest to other interest.
The following element is used promotional service:
      Sales promotion
      Public relation
      Word of mouth communication
      Tele marketing
Marketing communication:
          “Marketing communication is messages are related media used to communicative with a market:
                                                                                      ____ Philip. Kotler
          “ Marketing communication is the process of presently an integrated set of stimuli to the market with the intend of evoking a desired set or response”             ____Delozier
Source       message     perception           channel      receiver
          Feedback                                effect

          It is the sender of the message
      Sales representative
          It refers content of the message it may be include statements figures symbols.
          It is the important factor of the communication process. The message can be perceived by the receiver according to his nature & culture attention interest desire.
          The message is carried through same channel. T.V, Radio, Cell, News papers, Face to Face. The channel is reported by space, time & money.
          The receiver is target audios decoding the message. The receiver characteristics, living, area, knowledge, income level.
Implementation for communication strategy:

                                         Manage customer

manage                             goal delivery                         improve
service                               greater than (or)                  customer
promises                           equal promises                    education

                                          manage internal
                                          market communication

Pricing factors:
Internal factors                                                   External factors
Organizational factors                            Demand
Marketing mix                                    competition
Product differentiation                           suppliers    
Pricing                                                    decision
Cost of product                                        buyer
Objective of the firm                               government

Function objectives:
Selecting the pricing objectives:
      Maximum profitability
      Market share
      Service quality leadership
Determining demand:
a.       Price sensitivity:
Unique value effects
Substitute awareness effect
Difficult comparison effect
Total expenditure effect
Shared cost effect
Sunk investment effect
Price quality effect
Inventory effect
b.       Estimating demand curves
c.        Price elasticity demand

d.       Estimating costs.