How to solve Alibaba cloud microcharge verification proecess

Alibaba started its cloud operations as

You will get signup credit worth 300$ its only by referral but to activate them you need to verify your account with credit card. Once you verified with credit card then you can see 300$ in your account. To get 300$ in your alibaba cloud account signup here.

But you may face problem to give exact microcharge verification amount. Here in below steps you can learn to solve easy way.

You can use the microcharge and authorization hold together to manually calculate the original amount of the microcharge.

Because the authorization hold is always $1.00 USD, which can be used to determine the exchange rate between USD dollars and your local currency.

On your bank statement, the larger charge will be the authorization hold ($1.00 USD), the smaller charge will be the microcharge (which is always less than $1.00 USD).

Divide the smaller charge by the bigger charge and round to two decimal places, the result is the microcharge in US dollars.

Assume that the exchange rate is 64.04 Rupees/1.00 USD, and an Indian user is charged with a $1.00 USD authorization hold and a 0.70 Rupess microcharge, the following two charges are displayed on the bill:

44.90 Rupees you got message as charged
64.04 Rupees of current 1 dollor rate you check here [HERE]

Calculate the USD microcharge like this:

44.90 / 64.04 = 0.701124

Round to two decimal places, the result is 0.70, which is the microcharge. Now the user can enter this value to complete credit card verification.

If you fail to verify more than 5 times you will be block using the credit card in alibaba cloud website.

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