Things you need to design aircraft project

Is it a big challenge to design aircraft, No its easy but complicated just if you follow bellow steps you can design and build an aircraft. Below each and every link will give you full detailed methodology. Follow them regularly, links will be updated soon
Design methodology
Preliminary design
Problem definition
The customers
Aircraft viability
Understanding the problem
Organising the design process
Information retrieval
Existing and competitive aircraft
Technical reports
Operational experience
Aircraft requirements
Market and mission issues
Airworthiness and other standards
Environmental and social issues
Commercial and manufacturing considerations
Systems and equipment requirements
Configuration options
Initial baseline sizing
Initial mass (weight) estimation
Initial layout drawing
Baseline evaluation
Mass statement
Aircraft balance
Aerodynamic analysis
Engine data
Aircraft performance
Initial technical report
Refining the initial layout
Constraint analysis
Trade-off studies
Introduction to the project studies
Project study: scheduled long-range business jet
Project brief
Project requirements
Project analysis
Passenger comfort
Field requirements
Technology assessments
Alternative roles
Aircraft developments
Commercial analysis
Information retrieval
Design concepts
Conventional layout(s)
Braced wing/canard layout
Three-surface layout
Blended body layout
Configuration selection
Initial sizing and layout
Mass estimation
Engine size and selection
Wing geometry
Fuselage geometry
Initial ‘baseline aircraft’ general arrangement drawing
Initial estimates
Mass and balance analysis
Aerodynamic estimations
Initial performance estimates
Constraint analysis
Revised performance estimates
Cost estimations
Trade-off studies
Alternative roles and layout
Payload/range studies
Field performance studies
Wing geometry studies
Economic analysis
Initial ‘type specification’
General aircraft description
Aircraft geometry
Mass (weight) and performance statements
Economic and operational issues
Project study: electric-powered racing aircraft
Project brief
The racecourse and procedures
History of Formula  racing
Comments from a racing pilot
Official Formula  rules
Problem definition
Information retrieval
Existing aircraft
Confrontational analysis
Electrical propulsion system
a dual-mode (road/air) vehicle
Project brief (flying car or road able aircraft?)
Initial design considerations
Design concepts and options
Initial layout
Initial estimates
Aerodynamic estimates
Power plant selection
Weight and balance predictions
Flight performance estimates
Structural details
Stability, control and ‘readability’ assessment
Vehicle cost assessment
Wind tunnel testing
Study review
Project study: advanced deep interdiction aircraft
Project brief
Threat analysis
Stealth considerations
Aerodynamic  efficiency
Problem definition
Design concepts and selection
Initial sizing and layout
Initial estimates
Initial mass estimations
Initial aerodynamic estimations
Constraint analysis
Revised baseline layout
General arrangement
Mass evaluation
Aircraft balance
Aerodynamic analysis
Performance estimations
Man-oeuvre performance
Mission analysis
Field performance
Cost estimations
Trade-off studies
Design review
Final baseline aircraft description
Future considerations
Study review
Project study: high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE) uninhabited aerial surveillance vehicle (UASV)
Project brief
Aircraft requirements
Problem definition
Initial design considerations
Information retrieval
Lockheed Martin U-S
Grob Strato C
Northrop Grumman RQ-A Global Hawk
Grob G Strato
Stemme SVC
Design concepts
Conventional layout
Joined wing layout
Flying wing layout
Braced wing layout
Configuration selection
Initial sizing and layout
Aircraft mass estimation
Fuel volume assessment
Wing loading analysis
Aircraft speed considerations
Wing platform geometry
Engine sizing
Initial aircraft layout
Aircraft data summary
Initial estimates
Component mass estimations
Aircraft mass statement and balance
Aircraft drag estimations
Aircraft lift estimations
Aircraft propulsion
Aircraft performance estimations
Trade-off studies
Revised baseline layout
Aircraft specification
Aircraft description
Aircraft data
Study review
Project study: a general aviation amphibian aircraft
Project brief
Aircraft requirements
Initial design considerations
Design concepts
Initial layout and sizing
Wing selection
Engine selection
Hull design
Sponson design
Other water operation considerations
Other design factors
Initial estimates
Aerodynamic estimates
Mass and balance
Performance estimations
Stability and control
Structural details
Baseline layout
Revised baseline layout
Further work
Study review
Design organisation and presentation
Student’s checklist
Initial questions
Technical tasks
Team working
Team development
Team member responsibilities
Team leadership requirements
Team operating principles
Managing design meetings
Prior to the meeting
Minutes of the meeting
Dispersed meetings
Writing technical reports
Planning the report
Organizing the report
Writing the report
Use of figures, tables and appendices
Group reports
Review of the report
Making a technical presentation
Planning the presentation
Organizing the presentation
Use of equipment
Management of the presentation
Review of the presentation
Design course structure and student assessment
Course aims
Course objectives
Course structure
Assessment criteria
Peer review
Naming your aircraft
Appendix A:    Units and conversion factors
Derived units
Funny units
Conversions (exact conversions can be found in British Standards BS/)
Some useful constants (standard values)
Appendix B:    Design data sources
Technical books (in alphabetical order)
Reference books
Research papers
Journals and articles


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