Take ProteinPledge this week to build stronger immunity

Its not a matter who are you. You might be a boy, girl, father, mother but everybody in this busy life forgetting few things about their daily intake. Definitely you should monitor protein levels how you were managing them. And this is the week it initiated as #ProteinPledge week 24th to 30th July. In social media they were running few slogans to take protein pledge everybody. They says to To Build Stronger Immunity- Take #ProteinPledge, Families to get right quantity of Protein - Take #ProteinPledge and the final one is Towards a fatigue free routine & beating stress with protein- Take #ProteinPledge. Any how those are interesting. Just make a think and take yourself #ProteinPledge.  They were asking to share 3 of your friends to tag in twitter, its good a initiative.

Have a #ProteinPledge