RFID Base toll tax project for ECE

RFID Toll Road Payment systems have really helped a lot in reducing the heavy congestion caused in the metropolitan cities of today. It is one of the easiest methods used to organize the heavy flow of traffic. When the car moves through the toll gate on any road, it is indicated on the RFID reader that it has crossed the clearing. The need for manual toll based systems is completely reduced in this methods and the tolling system works through RFID. The system thus installed is quite expedient reducing the time and cost of travelers since the tag can be deciphered from a distance. 

The people traveling through this transport medium do not need anything else to get on a highway, instead the RFID tag carried by their vehicle does every thing. A commuter traveling through this medium gets to know how much amount has been paid and how much money is left in the tag. It does not require the person to carry cash with him to pay the toll tax all the time. The long queue waiting for their turn is reduced, which in-turn reduces the consumption of fuel. The RFID toll payment systems are really used in preventing trespassing on borders. The software solution developed can ensure a smooth running of vehicles without any need for further development. The software controlling these RFID tags and readers is easy to implement.

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