Ratio analysis project from jaypore sugars

Jeypore sugars company Ltd. (v.v.s sugars) chagallu is  a successful  organization . it is  known fact the success of an  organization internally depends up on financial management.
Naturally  finance plays a vital role in the success  of the organization . it is the reason which developed  interest to study and  analyze some of the financial aspects of this organization working capital management .

During the period of study of working capital management data has been collected from the company account books.   All the details of the current assets and liabilities, quick assets, debtors inventory.  Total assets, gross working capital, and networking capital etc.,
in the light of the information and data gathered  the objectives  of the study are set out bellow.           

  • To review the  financial position of the jeypore sugars company ltd.
  • To study the processing organizational and managerial structure of jeypore sugars company ltd.
  • To examine the working capital management of the unit.
  • To draw the conclusions and after suggestions.
                 “Ratio indicates a quantitative relationship”--   I . M  PANDEY.

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