Project on online trading with reference to Networth company

Change is the law of nature”. There were times when man was a wanderer or a normal. He himself had to go place to place in search of food, water and now everything is available at your doorstep just at the click of the mouse. The growth of information technology has affected almost all sectors of life. Internet has enabled us to get every information at our doorstep. When Internet has affected all sectors he could “stock markets” the most important player of the economy, has remained far behind? Like all other sectors Internet has set its feet in the stock markets also.
Internet trading commissions are clearly posted on the websites of the various services, and are typically a fixed rate charge, depending upon the type of security being traded and the size of trade. In theory, therefore, an Interest investor always knows what commission he is being charged on each trade. Internet investors can take as much time as they would like to take prior to placing a trade order. Similarly the online investor likely does not have to worry that his broker is making unauthorized trades. Since there is no individual broker making a commission, the only person who is authorized to trace in the account is the actual investor. Furthermore, the internet investor can never become a victim of excessive trading (where for the broker) since the investor maintains total control over the number of transactions which take place in the account.
All of these positive features of internet trading may lead the unwary investor to believe that Internet trading is a way to take control of their finances and save more money in the process. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The advantages of Internet stock trading have also its weaknesses and these weaknesses present significant drawbacks for the average investor. 

First and foremost, the average investor is not an expert in the financial markets. There is a danger for allowing the autonomy of online trading to hull you into the belief that you are an expert investor. An online investor sitting at home at a personal computer also foregoes proper investment advice and financial planning, perhaps among the most valuable services provided by traditional brokers. 

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