Power distribution at NFC project for EEE

The power distribution is one of the complex structures. So, in order to study power distribution system we have chosen Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), Moula-Ali, Hyderabad. 

Our project report provides in-depth knowledge of NFC’s power distribution network. In addition to that various facts regarding short circuits and other faults are discussed. It also discusses about various method of improving the power distribution quality.

Our project report is presented in four sections. One section covers power distribution in NFC, section two gives various ratings of equipment’s, section three deals with various short circuit studies and section four deals with the improvements made for the minimization of losses,  and their analysis.

Under section one all relevant topics related to power distribution have been discussed. In the minimization of losses we covered topics like Energy Management System (EMS), power factor control, reduction of harmonics, etc.

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