Modeling and Simulation of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer project for EEE

Power quality is one of major concerns in the present era. It has become important, especially, with the introduction of sophisticated devices, whose performance is very sensitive to the quality of power supply that results in a failure of end use equipment. One of the major problems dealt here is the voltage sag.

To solve this problem, custom power devices are used. One of those devices is the Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR), which is the most efficient and effective modern custom power device used in power distribution networks. Its appeal includes lower cost, smaller size, and its fast dynamic response to the disturbance.

It can provide the most commercial solution to mitigation voltage sag by injecting voltage as well as power into the system. This paper presents modeling, analysis and simulation of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) using MATLAB. The efficiency of the DVR depends on the performance of the efficiency control technique involved in switching the inverters. In this model a PI controller and Discrete PWM pulse generator was used.
IEEE                   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IGBT                  Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors
IGCT                  Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristors
IPAC                  In-phase Advanced Compensation
KV                      kilovolt
MOSFET           Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors
ms                       mili second
MSSC                 Mechanical switching shunt capacitors
MVA                  megavolt ampere
MVAR               mega volt amps reactive
MW                    megawatt
p.u.                     Per unit
PCC                   point of common coupling
PWM                 Pulse Width Modulation
RMS                   root mean square
SCADA              Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SEMI                  Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
SETC                 Static Electronic Tap Changers
SMES                Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage
SSB                    Solid State breaker
SSFCL               Solid State Fault Current Limiter
SSTS                  Solid State Transfer Switch
SVC                   Static Var Compensator
TSC                   Thyristor Switched Capacitors
UPQC               Unified power quality conditioner
UPS                   Uninterruptible Power Supplies
VSC                  Voltage Source Converter

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