Computer Aided design for a pv system and investigation of 3 phase thyristor converter

PV System and Principle of operation
A photovoltaic is a

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cell converts energy from the sunlight into electricity. The radiation from the sun is made up of tiny particles of energy called photons. As these photons impact on the cell, some of them are absorbed into the cell. The energy from the photons on impact causes electrons to be free [2]. The movement of the free electrons is what generates electricity.
A PV system is made up of a combination of many cells. Since a PV module is made up of cells combined in series and parallel, the equivalent circuit can obtained by first doing an analysis on a single cell. The equivalent circuit for a PV cell is given below

The circuit comprises of a Current source which delivers short circuit current  ISC ,  A shunt diode connected across the current source with current ID  representing diffusion current across the P-n junction and internal series and parallel resistances RS and RSH respectively.

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