Appliances control through sms, ECE project

This project is designed to make home automation easy to control when a user is not at home. The project is designed to allow easy use of a mobile phone to control appliances in the home. Using a mobile phone the development of the control system will be carried out using SMS. This will communicate with another mobile phone, which in turn controls the devices attached to micro controller modules. When the action has been carried out then a response is sent to the user. The project involves three main areas, research, development\programming, testing and the writing of the report.

The project is aimed at developing and testing the use of mobile phones to remotely control an appliance control system. The micro controller would then control an device based on the information given to it. The proposed solution will need to be easy to use, simple, secure, robust and be useful on most mobile phones. To achieve this testing will need to be carried out to create a useful system.

The report consists of a background into the area of 8051 micro controller and mobile communication, how they are interfaced to each other and AT (Attention) commands set used in communication.


AT command supporting GSM mobile phone.
89S52 Micro controller
Max 232 IC.
Relay driver IC ULN 2803
Voltage regulator 7805.
Diode IN4007
GSM Phone

Keil u-Vision 3.0
Keil Software is used provide you with software development tools for 8051 based micro controllers. With the Keil tools, you can generate embedded applications for virtually every 8051 derivative. The supported micro controllers are listed in the ยต-vision
PRO51 Programmer Software

In this project we interfaced 8051 microcontroller with Motorola’s C168 GSM mobile phone to decode the received message and do the required action. The protocol used for the communication between the two is AT command.
The micro controller pulls the SMS received by phone, decode it, recognizes the
Mobile no. and then switches on the relays attached to its port to control the appliances. After successful operation, controller sends back the acknowledgement to the user’s mobile through SMS.

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