Advertising and Brand management concept about advertising layout

In the initial stage as an advertisement in the development either the copy right the forms a mental image of the add the copy right may use rough to develop the and to convey ideas to the artist. The artist will use the though and provide pictorial representation it.
Definition and meaning:
          Layout is the expression of the ideas of the creator of an advt. It includes working, drawing of an advt. It includes working, drawing the blue print of the advt. It is a pencil to plans show in the size, position and color.
Functions of layout:
          It provides a working, branding of the creative abilities of all personal involved in the preparation of the add.
      It provides a blue print mechanical an grooves, typographers and other as well as gives specialization for estimating cost.
      A layout shows how can a add is to look and therefore must contain all the necessary elements.
      It permits all the necessary element interest, parties, particularly to see the advertisement before the taken to put it print.
      It also serve as gauge to determine in all the material that will go into the advertisement will fill into the advertisement into a given space.
layout process:
          It is a logical progression from the completed arrangement.
                                       Thumb nail sketches
                                       Pasted up
Thumb nail sketches:
          In the first stage in layout it means miniatures, sketches which are about all quotes of the proposed act, forms such preliminaries. In this come to one design that is worthy for development.
Rough layout:
          It is full size layout   in which headlines and subheads are letter. In this the photographers were drawn. The rough represents the position and the extent off copy as more true than thumbnails.
Comprehensive layout:
          A comprehensive layout is complete in all aspects after additional polish. The client who paid 1000 rs of an add or advertisement is comprehensive layout before giving approval.
          It is the final stage of the layout in this photos are pasted and ready to publication.
Principles of effective layout:
a.       Space decision and balance
b.       Movement
c.        Unity
d.       Emphasis
e.        Clarity
f.        Simplicity

Copy writing:
          It is a specialized form of communicated that means to serve the requirement of modern marketing.
Steps in copy writing:
          Relevant data or obtain from market situation, prospects relevant media.
Elements are balding or combined, ideas and approaches accept and rejected.
Ideas formulated into experimental patterns cumulating in a working statement.
Objection and difficulties reserved may involve discussion.
Discussion are made transference of ideation to physical expression.
Copy elements:
      Head line
      Sub head
      Body copy
      Bones and panels
          Presents the selling idea, primary function is to catch the eye of the reader. Headline always contain special message of a company, brand company could be used.
Sub head:
          Important facts may be conveyed than the head line. All advertisements don’t require sub headlines.
Body copy:
          Refers to the tax in the advertisement dealers regarding function and its benefits. Body copy can be short or long.
          Caption are small units are typed used with coupons, special orders.
Display arrangement way word appears from the mouth.
Special display position greater to attention
          Company name, seal, trade mark, it is an important quick rcoganization
head line
ready copy
close of the copy

Head line:
          It is the part of the copy in the advt. By this size or type which it has been sent
An indirect head line that arouse the curiosity as the reader.
State benefit to the customer
A questioning approach
New oriented head line
Address to buyer directly
Ready copy:
          It middle part of advertisement which include the text. It should have following things.
Involve the reader
Help the reader
Inducing a response
Create interest
Close of the copy:      
          It calls for action. A copy may be concluded by a specific selling approach that is hard or soft head cell calls for instant that is pushy
one day sale
limited quantity
a cell valid lost stocks
      First come first cell
Soft cell calls for persuasion in the faced manner for doesn’t call for instant purchase.