Advertising and Brand Management concept Introduction

Communication is the most important tool or the process or marketing to come into contract with consumers. For this purpose the manufactures and market intermediates adopt different communication techniques (promotion techniques ) like advertising. Sale promotion ., personal selling, direct marketing, publicity or public relation in order to create a demand for other respective products. Among them advertising plays a vital role then the others                                                                                             
          Advertising is “any paid form non personal presentation of ideas product & services by an identified sponsor”
                                                ---- American Marketing association.
Elements of advertising:
Paid for
Identified sponsor
Scope of advertising:
      Message to be transferd
      Selection of media
      Communication with consumers
      Maintenance of brand loyalty
      Increasing support to deals
      Projection of brand imag
Advertising management:
          The master mgt of the activities starting from the stage message to be transferred to the stage of projection of image.
      Brand image building
      Right of the free choice
      New product launching
      Growth of media
      Economic development
      Longterm benefits
Role of advertising in promotional mix:
          The tool of the technique required to promote the sale of goods of manufacturer are the goods stored in mkting intermediary is called promotional mix.
          The major tools of promotional mix are
sales promotion
direct market
Role of advertising in market mix:
                                                Marketing mix

Price                    product                promotion                    place

Advertising         sales   personal selling    direct marketing    publicity
Types of advertising:
          Advertising has been classified into different types based on different behaviors variables such as.
      Geographical area
      Message etc..
Based on geographical area:
Based on prospects:
      Consumer advertising
      Industrial advertising
      Trade advertising
      Professional advertising/ lawyers, doctors, engineers, chemist etc..
Consumer advertising:
                                         Sales promotion
                                         Personal selling
                                         Direct marketing
                               Relative market share
Trade advertising:
To attract market intermediator wholseller
Based on message:
product advertising
institutional advertising
Product advertising:
Product advertising may be primary demand is selective demand advertising. It may be again be classified as.
a.       Informative product advertising
b.       Persuasive product advertising
c.        Remainder product advertising
d.       May be demand and selective demand advertising it may not be against be.
Relation between advertising and product life cycle:
                 Information                                                     reminder
                 advertising                                                       created

                                         Product life cycle
Institutional advertising:
It is also known as prestiage or main objectives of these type of advt. Is to create a favourable attitude or image towards institution are the business in the age of shareholders, employees, suppliers legislatories or the general public.
Based on the result intended:
quick action advertising
delayed action advertising
Based of type of demand:

primary demand advertising
selective demand advertising
Primary demand advertising:
By primary demand we mean that the demand of a class of product or service.
The main purpose of primary demand advertising is to stimulate the demand for a class of product rather than a particular brand of product
Ex: advertising for washing machine for house wifes without maintaining any particular brand of product.
Selective demand advertising:
          The advertising intended to create the demand for a particular brand in a class of product.
Ex: advertising for surf detergent powder charminar cigrattes
      Based on

Based on targeted audience:
mass advertising [whole market]
class advertising [certain people]
Based on stage of life cycle:
pioneering advertising
competitive advertising
relative advertising
Types of appeal:
relational advertising [ logical advertising]
emotional advertising [ demonstrative in nature]
Based on type of media:
a.       Print media/paper/magazines etc.
b.       Broadcast media, television, radio etc.
c.        Direct mail
d.       Out door media, announcement
Challenges & opportunities of advertising:
      Changing world economy
      Too much government legislation
      Changing good habits, fashion
      New marketing landscape
      Call for more ethics and social responsibilities
      Growth of advertising
      Growing awareness of rural advertising
      Online advertising
      Wide spread of consumption

      Growing of number of brands.