Advertise and Brand Management concept- Media-MBA(ABM)

Media is the plural for the term medium. Medium is a vehicle for carrying the sale message of an advertiser to the prospects.
Medium means a device through which the advertising message is conveyed to the consumer
          As there are no. Of media available to the advertiser for advertising the goods & services he has to select a right type of medium by keeping at least with three following objectives in his mind.
      It must be less expensive
      It must reach largest number of people
      It must attract their attention
Type of media:
          The following are the various categories of medium available to an advertiser.
Indoor advertising:
          Print media:
                   A) News paper:-Daily, weekly, monthly etc...
                   b) Magazines:-consumer magazines
          broadcast media:
                   a)Radio  -  Akasavani, vividhabharati
                   b)Television  - News channels, international channels
Narrow cast media:
      Advertising boards
      Vehicle advertisements
      Painted display
      Electric display
      Sky advertising
      Leafless or handles
      Mural advertisement
      Sandwich – man
Direct advertising:
      Sales letters
      Circular letters
      Book lets
      Package inserts
       Store publications
      Price lists
      Personnel letter etc..
Promotional advertising:
      Window display
      Interior display
      Free samples
      Premium etc..
Other media:
      Specialty media
These are the hider people who entertain with musical instruments for making and event grand success.
Media selection:
The advertiser is generally so confused today by the them for and variety of advertising media. So it is difficult to make a final and very satisfied appropriate best suitable selection of media to this convoyed message.
          Media selection refers to the selection of specific medium of advertising.
The total account spent on advertising programmed approximately more than of goes to the media.
So the advertiser must keep in mind even the following factors while selecting a particular media.
      The no. of people to be influenced
      The class of people to be influenced
      Media circulation
      The condition under which people or influenced
      Cost media    a)the amount of funds b)circulation of media
      Nature of the message
      Extent of competition
      Size of the business firm
Media scheduling:
          It refers to the number of advertisement that is to appear in each medium, the size of advertisement and the date on which they are co-appear.
          There are many way of scheduling any advertisement program. No single said to be best for all advertisers each advertiser must prepare a specific schedule most suitable for its advertising objective. What may be good for one advertises and his product may not good for another.
Ex: scheduling the advt. In a consumer magazine.
I.                    He may buy six pages space in monthly consumer magazines.
II.                  One pager space for every alternative for month
III.               He may also buy one page space for first 3 months and may not buy space for next 3 months.
Based on this the type of scheduling or categorized into following ways.
Steady phase:
          It is the earliest among the all that is one add for week for 52 weeks one add for month for 12 months.
Seasonal phase:
          Seasonal products follow this type of approach.
Ex: Vicks, colderam, soft drinks etc....
Period phase:
          The advertisement are spaced in a regular pattern.
Ex: consumers durables, un-durables.
Erratic phase:
          These advertisements are spaced irregularity which seeks some change to the typical purchase cycle.
Stat up phase:
          It is called concentrated media scheduling. It takes a new product
Promotional phase:
          Here the advertisement focused on a specific target market or segment during a period of occasion.
Media characteristics:
          These are four major characteristics of media as
          It is related to the coverage that is no of people exposed to the message.
          When they advertise wants a high rate of reach many media vehicles are to be engaged simultaneous. Here the reputation of message is called frequency.
          Placing the advertisement in media enable the advertise to convey message it continually to the consumer.

          Dominance means superior in all others. Here dominance means the size & the length of message weight.

          A full page advertisement is considered to be more dominant than half page and usually sure as a determinant of true reach.