Advances in renewable energy source project for EEE engineering

The study of renewable energy sources is an important topic in the field of the combustion science.

Fuels obtained from bio masses could become a valid alternative to the use of fossil fuels, also in the light of the more and more stringent environmental constraints. In the outline of alternative liquid fuels, oils obtained from the pyrolysis of wood, generated recycling wood industry scraps, appear to be very promising as concerns their use in power plants and diesel engines.

However, a commercial use of such "bio-fuels" requires a systematic study of the most suitable procedures for their handling, storage, and use. Emulsions of biomass pyrolysis oil can meet some of the fuel specifications required by the present standards. In this context, it is necessary to assess the combustion property of such kind of fuels prior to their introduction in the market. Aim of this paper is to report some preliminary results concerning the solar,wind,bio-fuels,geothermal energy & their commercialization.

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