A project study on Employee Welfare for MBA Hr at ITC limited

Tobacco grown in India for over centuries, contributes significantly to the well being of the country. From the marginal farmer growing tobacco on irrigated, small land holdings to retailers in remote corners of   India, over   26   million people benefit from their direct or indirect association with the tobacco industry.

Grown on ‘a commercial scale in over 100 countries worldwide, tobacco forn1s a major part of the socio-economic lifeline of over, 15 developing countries. Besides creating economic prosperity for rural populations, it generates substantial revenues for those governments and boosts agro-exports.

The global production and consumption of tobacco continue to   grow   at an   estimated   rate of 1.95 and the total market in tobacco products is valued at US $275 billion-about 78% of India's GDP. Tobacco and   export  of    tobacco   products    are  a  major  source  of income of developing countries – over  70%  of  Malawi's  and 40% of  Zimbabwe's exports  earnings  come from tobacco. Brazil and china also depend 011 tobacco export incomes, which are in the region of US $1.5 billion.
In India, tobacco is a major contributor to agrarian economy, the exchequer and to agro-exports. Six million farm laborers find gainful employment   in tobacco farming. The tobacco industry provides almost 10% of governments excise collections and 4% of all agro-exports. While 85% of tobacco consumption   worldwide is in the form of cigarettes, in India it   is less than 20%. A skewered taxation policy has restricted Cigarette volumes   but   ensured   that   cigarettes   account for 87% of revenue   generated   by the tobacco sector. So, modest volumes have limited   the tremendous revenue potential of cigarettes and cigarette tobacco. The global import-export trade in tobacco was worth $30 billion in 1994 of which 25% billion was generated by cigarettes. With 78% of Indian    tobacco    being    non-cigarette    types,   exports    have   been correspondingly   modest-less   than   1 %   of the   global   trade. What Emerges clearly is the opportunity that cigarettes and cigarette tobaccos Offer in tem1S of revenue, improving quality of employment, developing the rural economy and increasing foreign earnings.

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