A Project for MBA Hr about Job satisfaction at airport

While the Government is separately developing a policy framework for the entire civil aviation sector, this policy relates to use and development of airport infrastructure. The Policy on Airport Infrastructure should always be read along with the National Policy on Civil Aviation.
objectives of the policy are:
To provide a boost to international trade and tourism and enhance the country's image in the community of nations
To provide airport capacity ahead of demand, in order to handle an increasing volume of air traffic and to garner the maximum share of traffic in the region;
To enhance airport facilities to make the airport user friendly and achieve higher level of customer satisfaction.
To ensure total safety and security of aircraft operations by the introduction of state-of-art air traffic, security and related services;
To provide multi-modal linkages;
To provide a market orientation to the present structure, bridge the resource gap and encourage greater efficiency and enterprise in the operation of airports, through the introduction of private capital and management skills;
To foster the development of a strong airport infrastructure, maintaining a balance between the need for economic viability and the objective of equitable regional dispersal of infrastructural facilities;
in the achievement of the above objective, to lay special emphasis on the development of infrastructure for remote and inaccessible areas, especially the North East, the hilly and island regions; and
To encourage transparency and clarity in the decision-making processes of Government and its public sector units. Policy has necessarily to change in response to a rapidly transforming global scenario, although the process of transformation has to be progressive, orderly and safeguarded. Looking at what has been achieved in other countries, there is a wide gap which needs to be bridged first

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