Control area network is a network system for connecting different nodes and controlling it by transferring data from one node to another. Here the mode of data transfer will be from each and every nodal address mostly can bus is used for automobiles, industrial application and controls. Here in our project we are going to display data on display boards using CAN network. We are taking a research on CAN bus for advertisement boards. The main aim of the project is to transfer the data with two lines for longer distances for interconnected networks in cities. Mostly advertisements in cities are with LCD’s and LED’s. 

For our convince here we are taking LCD displays. We have to display different types of data at different location this can be controlled and managed from one place. The main intension of using CAN for this purpose is it can transfer data for longer distances, no data corruption and a better acknowledgement with faster response. This will consume very less power compared to another network connection we give a specific address to each and every location where the CAN node is fixed with this specific address each is communicated.

The data what we want to display will be predefined one and that is transmitted to the location after transmit we can get an acknowledgement from that place that the complete data s been received if any of the lines are been disconnected on tampered then the response connection for the two can node will be in faulty manner indicated no data could be transmitted.

Downlaod full project can based distributed control system [DOWNLOAD]