How to update your credit card from within the billing console

In order to improve your Alibaba Cloud user experience, today we have launched a notification system for a credit card expiry date reminder. This will ensure that your service will remain uninterrupted. You can configure two types of email notifications: one for your credit card expiring and one for expiry:


  If your default payment method is credit card:
Expiry date of your credit card: 10/2017
  09/01/2017, 09/15/2017, 09/30/2017:
We will send you email notifications notifying you that your credit card is expiring and you cannot purchase Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription-based products and services from the beginning of that month.
We will send you an email notification informing you that your credit card has expired, and you cannot use that card for already purchased Pay-As-You-Go and the renewal of Subscription-based products and services.
You can update your credit card from within the billing console.

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