suspected companies list in india 2016 b 3000-3200

BK Solutions Private limited
BKM Credit Consult
Black Berry Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Black Pearl Consulting & Technology Services Private Limited
Black Pearl Consulting And Technology Services Private Limited
Black Pearl Infotech
Black Sparrows Web Solutions
Black Stone Solution
Blackberry (Marketstar)
Blackhats Linux Private Limited
Blackpearl Infotech
Blanid Technologies
Blanid Technologies Private Limited
Blanid Technologies Pvt Ltd
Blanid Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Blaze IT and Support Services
Blaze IT Solutions Pvt ltd
Blaze3 Software Solution
Blessing Enterpraises
Blessings Infosolutions

Blessy Printers
Blink Interactive Technologies Private Limited
Blink Technologies
B-Link Technologies
Bliss Consultant
Blitz Remedies
Blitz Systems Private Limited
Blitz Systems Private Limited
Blitzstorm Advertising
Blitztech Solutions
Bloom Electronics
Bloom Info Tech
Bloom Infotech
Bloom Infotech
Bloom Soft Tech Pvt Ltd
Bloom Soft-Tech
Bloom Technologies Private Limited
Blooming Corporation Ltd
Blooming Era
Bloomsoft Technologies
Bloomtech Center
Blossom IT Solution
Blossom Soft Tech
Blossom Software Tec
Blossom Software Tech
Blossom Software Technologies
Blossom Software Technologies Private Limited
Blossom Software Technologies,
Blossom Software Technology
Blossom Technologies
Blossom Wellness Services
Blossoms Design Studio
Blossoms Office Systems and Services Private LImited
Blow ur mind
Blu Flash Consulting Private Limited
Blu Technologies
Blu Technologies Private  Limited
Blu Technologies Private Limited
Blu Technologies Pvt Ltd
Blue Bird Computers
Blue Bird Technologies
Blue Chip Computers
Blue Chip Events
Blue Chip Services Private Limited
Blue Dimond Tech Solutions
Blue Disc and CO
Blue Dot technologies
Blue Equator Private Limited
Blue Feather Infosolution
Blue Feather Infosolution
Blue Hills Technologies Private Limited
Blue HR Solutions Private Limited
Blue I Technologies
Blue Infotech Private Limted
Blue Infotech Pvt Ltd
Blue Interactive Marketing Pvt Ltd.
Blue Interfaces
Blue Interfaces (As per EAF and supporting documents)
Blue Mountain Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Blue Mountain Pvt Ltd
Blue Oceans Infotech
Blue sea systems Pvt ltd
Blue Sky Technologies Private Limited
Blue Soft Technologies
Blue Star Creation
Blue Star Hotel
Blue Star Technologies
Blue Strip 365 Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
Blue Techno Soft
Blue Triangle Technology
Blue View Health Services India Limited
Blue Whale Tech
Blue Whales Technologies
Blue Wind Technologies
Bluebird Consulting Company
Bluebird Solutions Private Limited
Blueboy Media Pvt Ltd/ Bluebox Videos
Bluechip Nanosoft Pvt Ltd
Bluehill Magazine
Bluelabs Technology Solutions
Bluemoon Fabric Private Limited
Bluesoft Technologies
Bluevega Solutions Pvt Ltd
Bluhend Software Consultancy Private Limited
BM Associates
BMD Softech Pvt Ltd
BMDBPO Technology Pvt Ltd
BMX Soft Infomatics Pvt Ltd
BMX Soft Infomatics Pvt Ltd
BMX Soft Informatics
BMX Soft Informatics Private Limited
BNB Infotech
BNM Solutions India Pvt Ltd/ BMS Solutions India Pvt Ltd
Bo01leanvalue Technologies
Bo01leanvalue Technologies
Boan Communications Pvt Ltd
Board of Adult Education and Training
Board of Adult Education and Training, New Delhi
Board of Higher Secondary Open Education
Board of Higher Secondary Open Education
Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Open Education
Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat
Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat Gwalior
Board of Secondary Sanskrit Education
Board of Secondary Sanskrit Education, Lucknow
Board of Technical and Secondary Education
Board of Technical and Secondary Education, Delhi
Bodh Gaya Ceramics Ltd
Boise Cascade
Bolster Solution
Bolster solutions
Bolster Solutions Pvt Ltd
Bolster Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Bombay Automobiles
Bombay Threads
Bomex India
Bon Collection
Bonafied Digital Services
Bonsai Technologies
Bonsai Technologies ( reinitiate)
Bonsai Technologies Pvt Ltd
Bonton Softwares Private Ltd.
Book My Holidays Pvt. Ltd
Booleanvalue Technologies
Boomerang Consultancy Private Limited
Bootstrap Guru
Bootstrap Technology
BoscendTechnologies/Earnest Software Solutions
Bose Solutions Services
Bosh Technologies
Boson Infotech Private Limited
Box India
BPC Labs
BPM Labs India Pvt Ltd
BPM Labs India Pvt. Ltd
BPM Solutions
BPM Solutions
BPO Solution Pvt Ltd
BPO Universe

BR ERP Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.
brAAin Tech
brAAin Tech
brAAin Tech (india)
Bradman Web Technologies Private
Brahmanet Technologies Private Limited
Braho Mind Technologies
Brain Advertiser
Brain Eye Infotech Private Limited
Brain Info Software Solution
Brain Info Software Solutions
Brain international
Brain Logics Software Consulting
Brain Logics Softwares
Brain storm technologies
Brain tech global technolgies pvt ltd
Brain Tech Global Technologies Pvt Ltd/Fieriant Systems Private Limited
Brain Tech Solutions
Brain Technix/BrainTechnix
Brain Touch Software Solutions
Brain Ware
Brain Ware IT Services
Brain Ware Technologies.

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