How to check Billing information and coupons activated in Alibaba/aliyun cloud

Its like new world alibaba cloud portal. It might be some difficult when it comes to navigation. But anyhow we need to be alert with our things rite ?

So in this article i will show you how to check your 300$ activated in your portal. Its not like google or Azure which is directly giving you money in portal and can use any service with that money. Alibaba is different they provide 300$ in two denominations one is 50$ for CloudDisk,Elastic Compute Service,Server Load Balancer,Elastic IP - Pay-As-You-Go,Alibaba Cloud VPC,Elastic IP,Elastic Compute Service  and another 250$ for Table Store,ApsaraDB for RDS,,Data Transmission Service - Pay-As-You-Go,Alibaba Cloud CDN,E-MapReduce - Pay-As-You-Go,Data Encryption Service,CDN Traffic Package,ApsaraDB for MongoDB - Pay-As-You-Go,Resource Access Management,Web Application Firewall,Mobile Security (yearly),ApsaraDB for MongoDB,,ApsaraDB for RDS - Pay-As-You-Go,AliCloud DB for Memcache,MaxCompute - Pay-As-You-Go,ApsaraVideo Live,ApsaraDB for Redis - Pay-As-You-Go,Anti-DDoS Service PRO,ApsaraDB for MongoDB Sharding - Pay-As-You-Go,E-MapReduce - Subscription,MaxCompute - Subscription,ApsaraDB for RDS Read Only Instance,Object Storage Service (OSS),HypridDB for PostgreSQL - Pay-As-You-Go,,,Mobile Security (per-use purchase),Distribute Relational Database Service,Data Transmission Service - Subscription,,Server Guard.
Which will be expired in 60 days. you can signup

To find your activated coupons in Alibaba login to your portal.

After checking billing management in left pane you can see Coupon Management

And Finally check your coupons.

That's it. You can find expiry and activation date of the coupons.

You may need some more information:

Detailed view you can see in below video

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