Fake and suspected companies D list-9

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Digitial Technologies Limited
Digitol Solutions
Digitrix Technologies Private Limited
Digitrix Technologies pvt ltd
Digitronics Services
Digix solution pvt ltd
Digix solution pvt ltd
Digma Private Limited
Digna Engineering
Digna Engineering,Noida
Dignizant Technologies
Digraph It Consulting Private Limited
Digraph ITC
Diksha Consultancy
Dikube Technology
Dilicon Solutions Private Limited
Dilipcorp Consultants
Dilka Industrial Services
Diltex Technologies
Dimension Career Academy
Dimension Career Academy
Dimension Career Academy (As per EAF and supporting documents)
Dimension Solutions
Dimensionality Software
Dimensions Technology
Dimentions Soft Tech Private Limited
Dimentions Soft Tech Pvt Ltd,Hyderabad
Dimentions Soft Tech Pvt Ltd.
Dimple Solutions Pvt Ltd
Dinshaw's Dairy Foods Limited
DIP Software Technologies Private Limited
Dipin Foundation School
Diplomacy Infotech Private Limited
Direct Channel
Direct Technologies Private Limited/Directologies
Direction We Direct Your Future
Direction X
Discover Financial
Discrete 3 IT and Enabled Services Private Limited
Disha Computer
Disha Infotech
Disha International
Disha Manpower Services Private Limited
Disha Marketing and financial Services Private Limited

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