RSA Administrator/Designer job at HSBC

Client Name : HSBC
Primary Skills : RSA Prime
Exp : 6 Yrs

Detailed job description(JD)
TechProZetta Jobs

  • RSA Administrator/Designer  V8.2 (Interco with AD,  restriction with multi domains)
  • Cisco ASA Administration (Upgrade, optimization, and monitoring)
  • Knowledge on Any Connect 4.X
Hands on experience on the following Tasks:
  • Upgrade/Patch the RSA system
  • Manage Security Domains and AD
  • On call team (h24 for a week) – During one week manage the incidents
  • RSA Reporting (QoS, Dashboard…)
  • Support for the RSA Administrator.
  • Upgrade/Patch the CISCO ASA system
  • Manage Authorization with AD
  • ASA Reporting (QoS, Dashboard…)
  • Support for the RSA Administrators and AnyConnect users

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