Friday, July 7, 2017

Automatic drunk and drive avoiding system project for ECE

The main aim of this project is to detect drunken driver automatically to avoid accidents for automobiles.

In this project we have to detect that there are drunken driver or is there any high temperature while driving in automobiles. For this we are using LM35 (Temperature sensor), Alcohol
sensor, ADC 0808 (Analog to Digital Converter), LDR, Break Indicator, Relay, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). LM35 is precision integrated circuit temperature sensor. Its output voltage is linearly proportional to temperature (in Celsius).

The LM35 thus has an advantage over linear temperature sensors calibrated in° Kelvin, as the user is not required to subtract a large constant voltage from its output to obtain convenient Centigrade scaling. AD converters are used virtually everywhere where an analog signal has to be processed, stored, or transported in digital form. 

Download full project here [DOWNLOAD]